About the Southern Idaho Mycological Association (SIMA)

SIMA members include amateur and professional mycologists, mushroom foragers, & all-around mushroom lovers. Founded in 1976 under the leadership of Ellen Trueblood, SIMA has held hundreds of educational events, identified thousands of mushroom species, and helped countless members and friends of the Association advance and inform their love of fungi. Whether you’re just interested in learning to identify a couple of edible species like morels or chanterelles or you’re ready to make mycology a serious hobby, we’d like to welcome you to the club.

Our Idaho Location Possesses Diverse Mushroom Habitats

With its diverse and fungi-friendly habitats from alpine to steppe to deciduous riparian forests, Idaho has a lot to offer the mushroom enthusiast. Over our forty-four year history, SIMA members have cataloged well over 2,000 species of mushrooms in Idaho and even eastern Oregon. We hope to continue adding to that store of knowledge with your help.

Affiliation with the North American Mycological Association

We are affiliated with the North American Mycological Association so that SIMA members who wish to join NAMA may do so at a reduced rate. You may join NAMA directly here (noting your SIMA membership, if applicable) or you can fill out the mail-in form attached to your SIMA membership form.

Our Newsletter

We publish an electronic newsletter on a bi-monthly basis. Some years of archived copies of will eventually be accessible on this site.

Current Board Members and Officers of SIMA

Board Members

  1. Board Chairman (2020-2022): Krista Willmorth
  2. (2020-2022): Joe Matanzas
  3. (2020-2021): Robert Spence
  4. (2020): Genille Steiner
  5. (2020): Robert Binda

2020 Officers

  • President: Krista Willmorth
  • Vice President: Robert Spence
  • Treasurer: Robert Binda
  • Secretary: Christine Spence
  • Foray Chairperson: Genille Steiner (and Immediate Past President)
  • Membership Chair: Kathy Richmond