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Meeting topic for Oct 9th
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Next Monday, at 7pm at 1151 W Miller Street, Boise, 823702, we will have our next meeting and I'm really excited to announce that our speaker, Jon Dennis, will be reporting to us regarding Oregon's program allowing legal use of psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes in controlled settings. Jon is a lawyer who has worked closely with this program in its design and implementation so I'm sure it will prove highly informative and most interesting. There will be plenty of seating, so feel free to bring friends if you wish, and we will also be broadcasting this lecture via Zoom as well using the link info below.

Here is a bit of Jon's bio for background; hope to see you this coming Monday.

"Jon Dennis has been a lead voice in promoting equity and affordability under Oregon’s psilocybin program, known as Measure 109. He is the chief architect of the proposed regulatory framework for religious and community-based paradigms of psilocybin services under Measure 109 and has presented to multiple subcommittees of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board, leading Business Insider to name Jon as among “the most influential people helping to shape Oregon's psilocybin industry."

Jon is a lawyer, activist, and entrepreneur in the psychedelic ecosystem. He is the executive director of Vital Oregon, a psilocybin facilitator training program by Psychedelics Today, and the co-host of the “Eyes on Oregon” podcast from Psychedelics Today. Jon is a member of the Chacruna Institute’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants. He is a member of the Psychedelics Bar Association and sits on its Religious Use Committee. Jon serves on the Executive Committee of the Oregon State Bar Practice Section on Cannabis and Psychedelics and is a founding member of the Entheogenic Practitioners Council of Oregon. He lives in Ontario, Oregon and practices law through his firm Sagebrush Law."


Mickey Myhre, MD

President, SIMA

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