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Amanita muscaria ointment recipe
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Recently, I’ve been asked by a couple of people if I have a recipe for preparing a salve or ointment from Amanita muscaria mushrooms - I have found Amanita muscaria ointment a very effective topical analgesic, particularly for the arthritis of the joints at the base of my thumbs. Below, you will find an excerpt of a recipe from Babba Masha’s book on A. muscaria for those who want to try this themselves:

“Amanita muscaria Ointment Uses: Relief from arthritis; arthrosis; osteochondrosis; radiculitis; inflammation of the sciatic nerve; pain and inflammation in muscles, ligaments, and joints; bruises; sprains; treatment of skin diseases of various etiologies, namely dermatitis and neurodermitis; fungal diseases; inflammatory processes; redness; itching; and damage to the skin such as cuts, burns, and abrasions.”

“Ingredients: cold-pressed coconut oil or petroleum jelly (e.g., Vaseline) ground, dried Amanita muscaria caps Directions: Thomas’s recipe calls for mixing the AM cap powder 50-50 with the fat (either coconut oil or petroleum jelly). Keep it at least two weeks in the refrigerator before using—the longer the better, but a couple of weeks is the minimum. Add the ointment to a warm bath, mixing it well. Storage: Store it in the refrigerator. Do not strain the solid particles from the ointment. ”

— Microdosing with Amanita Muscaria: Creativity, Healing, and Recovery with the Sacred Mushroom by Baba Masha

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