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A New Home for the Southern Idaho Mycological Association


Welcome to our brand-new website/domain which takes over from our previous domain of (and before that, Hopefully “Idaho Mushroom Club” is a bit more descriptive and search-engine-friendly so mycophiles of all sorts from Central to Southern Idaho are able to find us. It’s also a more accessible/dependable place than our Facebook page to communicate updates if we need to modify meetings and events due to Covid-19. Thanks 2020. 😉

Additional posts, events, and photos will begin showing up as time goes by and we’re able to add new information and update/migrate some of the great historical content from our previous site.

Contributions From Hundreds of Southern Idaho Mycological Association Members

The Southern Idaho Mycological Association has a long and rich history in the state of Idaho, from its founding in 1976 under the leadership of Ellen Trueblood, through years of consistent spring and fall forays with many noted amateur and professional mycologists. SIMA has also hosted two national forays with the North American Mycological Association. (Here’s a link to NAMA’s 2008 Mycophile newsletter which talks about the 2008 foray held here in Idaho in honor of mycologist and longtime SIMA friend Orson Miller. It also mentions quite a few of those “noted mycologists” who were in attendance.)

In its forty-four year history, SIMA has held hundreds of educational events, identified thousands of mushroom species, and helped countless members and friends of the Association advance and inform their love of fungi. I’m both proud and humbled to be adding my small contributions to such a wonderful organization – reading through some of the historical documents I found while preparing this site I realize I have some big shoes to fill! Not to mention a huge job helping to recruit a new generation of mycophiles and (hopefully) volunteers into the fold.

Moving SIMA Into the Future

I’m definitely not a professional mycologist and, at twelve or so years into my pursuit of amateur mycology, feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. So I was definitely a bit surprised to be asked last year to consider taking over as SIMA President, but also very pleased. With the help of our current Board of Directors, I hope to bring some new ideas and methods of sharing mycological information to the club and at the same time honor and share the tremendous amount of information that has already been collected with a new generation of mushroom lovers.

If you have memories of or connections to SIMA I would love to hear from you! Please share in the comments so others can connect as well.

Warmest mushroom regards,

Krista Willmorth,
President, Southern Idaho Mycological Association

Krista Willmorth southern idaho mycological association 2020 president holding mushroom.

13 thoughts on “A New Home for the Southern Idaho Mycological Association”

  1. Hi, My name is Matt. I would really like to go on your Olive Lake and also see about joining. I have been looking for an association like this. Please let me know if this is possible.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Matt,
      The Olive Lake foray was last year – though we do go back from time to time. I’m working on getting that page updated. Our next big foray will be this fall in McCall, October 1-3, 2021. I will email you with membership info and a way to get on our newsletter list for more information. Thanks for the interest!

  2. Hello Krista, I would like to join for this fall season. I noticed that McCall session was cancelled if so will there be another Foray? Please advise on enrollment, thank you.

  3. Hi Krista,
    Do you (or anyone else) happen to know if there’s any remnant in N. ID? I’m up in CDA, and the searches I’ve done pulled up NIMA, which appears to have gone dormant ~2012.

    I’d be interested in joining up with others up here, in the spring and fall each year.

    If there’s not enough interest for a “club”, that’s fine, maybe a quite small group can band together and just enjoy searching together.

    I think it would be fun to include foraging folks to broaden the education for all. I know myself and my two kids would enjoy learning more, what nature has to offer.

    1. Hi Carl,
      Yes, NIMA is definitely still in operation but I don’t think they maintain a website any longer. Tim Gerlitz does keep up a Facebook page for the club however, and has been doing at least one livestreamed presentation each spring and fall for the past couple of years. The pandemic has messed with their regular meeting schedules, but they are still doing some outdoor foraging events so I’m sure you can get in with them.

      The Facebook page can be found at: and in the event you don’t want to get on facebook, you could email Tim at timgerlitz at gmail dotcom (spelled out to try to prevent bots from scraping his address from here.)

      Hope that helps you find more local folks!

  4. Krista,
    My name is Derek and I am interested in joining the group. I won’t be in state for the McCall trip unfortunately, but I am excited to go on a foray with a group. I am originally from Indiana and I moved out here 4 years ago (Military). I have been foraging most of my life and I really want to learn more about Idaho while I am here.
    Can’t wait to here when the next group outing will be!

  5. Hello, Krista!
    I’m doing a research paper for school about a local affinity group I’m interested in (but not involved in) and would like to conduct an interview about your association sometime next week, if possible. It can be a virtual meeting, if need be. Please let me know if this is something in which you’re interested in participating.
    I appreciate the consideration!
    Thank you!

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